Marielle Plaisir is a  French-Caribbean multi-media artist who  lives in United States.  She combines paintings, drawings, installations and performances to present intense visual experiences. 


Even when Plaisir does not consider she part of the current contemporary trend of art activism from the western perspective, she does however; submerge her within the borderline of philosophy and sociology, history and memory, to produce mnemonic devices. The series of paintings, installations, and performances explore the concepts of Meta / Count Narratives about domination and the construction of identity. At the end she is a hybrid between activism and dreaming.

Her most recent works dwell at the borderline of philosophy and sociology, history and memory to produce mnemonic devices. She incorporates what the French philosopher, Pierre Bourdieu, calls "symbolic violence," which consists of forcing the acceptance by an entire community of any act of power as legitimate.


Her artistic outcome not only becomes an extraordinary research on materials, samples, and prototypes, but a mirror of contemporary assumptions. Critical of the current “social atmosphere” through the rear-view mirror of history and symbols.