Tapestries & paintings

In these dual-rendering paintings, Plaisir evokes clouds, floral fantasies, children's books, underwater scenes, myths and dreams. She juxtaposes a thick and slightly brushed painting with delicate figurative features, similar to her silhouettes. There is a link with the historical impulse of French domination over nature and in the Caribbean islands , embodied by the formal tradition of the Garden of Versailles. Other pieces in this series juxtapose a poetic atmosphere whether they come from Caribbean , Asia, medieval Europe or the imagination of the artist, by streams of darkness and brilliant forces. The quality of the dreams of these hybrid paintings and tapestries - some of which are upholstered and covered with upholstery - expresses the poetic and chimerical side of Plaisir's expression.

Summer night

47x47 inches Acrylic on canevas