Tapestries & paintings

Plaisir's continuously challenges assumptions and stereotypes — she   makes art that is sumptuously aesthetic and often wickedly funny. Her paintings deals with pithy matters like race, class, women, colonialism and war, she does so deftly and often indirectly.

She doesn't produce propaganda art. She's more interested in the poetic, the beauty than the didactic.

Plaisir's flexibility of visual expression allows the crossing of boundaries between home and migration; race and color; day and night, life and death, waking and sleeping, lucidity and dreaming; reason and imagination. This Surrealist-like approach allows her to tap into the unconscious, where she can live without constraints in the practice of strange “rituals” beyond the walls of the conscious world.

Plaisir’s visual narrative then becomes a multifaceted and interdisciplinary act of translating, manifested in a multitude of synonyms, symbols and codes in direct relationship between art and the imagined translation due to socio-cultural theories, reflecting the artist own interpretation of historical, cultural and social facts that have also  turned the Caribbean, into one of the most complex territories of crossed cultural experiences.